Maxwelltown Dundee – Four In a Row

The four towers at Maxwelltown, Carnegie, Jamaica and Wellington, fell from the sky following months of careful planning and preparation. It took just 5 seconds to demolish the four towers. The demolition of the multis marked the culmination of a gruelling project for Safedem, whose managing director and explosives engineer William Sinclair stated his delight at the operation. “The demolition was perfect, absolutely perfect,” he said.

“When you’re demolishing four buildings in a city centre you obviously have to be very thorough and very precise and the team did that. In total, we used 135kg of explosives and that was the absolute minimum needed to bring them down. We also used 4500 detonators in the operation and the result was just about as good as it gets.”


Hundreds of homes and businesses in the surrounding area had been evacuated by the Safedem Teamsýleading up to the demolition, with many of those displaced heading to vantage points across Dundee and over the Tay. Dundee Law had never been busier with hundreds of people heading to the city’s highest point for an eagle-eye view of the collapse. Large crowds also gathered on the Tay Road Bridge eager to watch the demolition.

Speaking shortly after the demolition, Chief Inspector David Barclay was full of praise for everyone involved and stated his delight at how things had been handled. It’s been absolutely superb and everything has been done exceptionally well,” he said. “Safedem managed to get all of the buildings to fall on a sixpence, and, between them and the Dundee City Council staff, there was only limited input required from my staff’.

Work will now begin at the site to remove and process the rubble from the four multis, much of which will be recycled and re-used by the building trade