Red Road Precision

Safedem’s most challenging project to date is carried out with absolute precision engineering at Red Road, Glasgow

The 3 main areas that mark the Red Road buildings different from most other tower blocks in the UK are their height and scale, their Steel Frame Construction, and their high level of Asbestos Content. Safedem worked closely with the HSE to fine tune the massive internal and external asbestos removal programme. Then, once the steel frame was exposed, no one could have anticipated the seemingly randomness of the steel columns and beams. Engineers tirelessly analysed the structure, in order to achieve the most precise collapse mechanism.

The Safedem Community Liaison Team spent countless hours working alongside various agencies to achieve the evacuation of over 3000 people, including hundreds of asylum seekers from over 60 countries around the world, and a local Nursing Home that cared for almost 50 residents. The evacuation was completed ahead of schedule following the careful planning and preparations put in place. But there is no question that the successful demolition puts Safedem firmly in the UK record books.

At 28 storeys in height, the 153 to 213 Petershill Drive block was the biggest structure to be demolished in the UK. The Safedem Teams would like to thank the local community for their patience and support, and all of the organisations involved in managing one of the most complex demolition operations in the world. if you want to watch the demolition go to