Ardler – 2007

Safedem demolishes the last remaining Ardler multi-storey block

It was the end of an era as the last of the tower blocks, home to thousands over four decades, was razed.

The 17-storey building containing Barassie, Baberton and Carnoustie Courts was reduced to about 30,000 tons of rubble in seconds.

The spectacular blast from almost 40kg of explosives was over in the blink of an eye, as dust billowed out from the 200-foot building.

After 15 minutes, the all-clear was given and the bulldozers moved into the site.

William Sinclair, managing director of Safedem, the Dundee Company which has demolished nearly 50 tower blocks all over the UK, was pleased with the way things went.

Around 190 households, 500 people, were within the exclusion zone and had all been required to leave their homes. The first left around 8am and everyone had left by 10am and Mr. Sinclair said thanks were due to them for their co-operation.