Former Distillery,Castle Street, Dumbarton

Faced with a mixture of structures and construction types combined with a town centre location, the site purchasers turned to Safedem to provide assured demolition engineering expertise.Working with both the vendor and the developer, Safedem undertook decommissioning works which required the salvage of stills, fermenters and blending units all to be re-instated in the new custom-built facility upstream on the River Leven. Salvaged items were individually dismantled with each and every component catalogued to allow accurate re-assembly, before being protected and transported off site.A number of large condensers and stills had been fixed in position with the building erected around them. Safedem operatives carefully removed sections of roof and created external wall openings to allow the removal of items by 150 tonne crane onto waiting barges docked on the Leven.

The range and height of structures (a 1930’s steel framed mill building over 55 metres high, three 8 storey bonded warehouses having heavily re-inforced concrete columns with dimensions of 750mm x 1850mm, a concrete grain silo at 36 metres high) required an approach that included conventional hand and mechanical demolition, demolition by long reach, demolition by explosives, asbestos removal, materials processing and recycling, temporary works including shoring and propping – all techniques and experience which Safedem holds in house.