Greenfield and Kellyfield

This 16 storey tower block, built in 1969 was earmarked for demolition by Dundee City Council after it became clear that there was a lack of demand for its 180 flats.

At 11.30 am on Sunday 25th April 2004, the detonators were triggered and the delayed blasts brought down the 18,000 tonne structure. The building surrendered to the 70 kilos of explosives and landed as planned on its own foundations-with houses just yards away.

The whole operation went perfectly. The demolition was a textbook-controlled explosion using delay mechanisms to a greater extent which helped with the folding in of the gables. The resultant rubble was re-cycled and used for road building.

About 150 police officers, council officials and Safedem personnel were on duty during the operation. A quarter-mile exclusion zone was set up around the site and seventy households within the exclusion zone were evacuated.

Following this demolition Safedem was recognised for its work on this project at the UK’s Contractors Excellence Awards. The awards, a joint initiative between the Chartered Institute of Builders and the city council was designed to recognise contractors who have excelled in various aspects of site management. Safedem was presented with an award for excellence in the provision of health, safety and welfare facilities throughout the duration of the project and for the promotion of a culture of health and safety. within the construction industry.