Queens Court, Toryglen, Glasgow

It took just under 10 seconds and under 70 kilos of explosives to blow down the multi storey tower block made famous by the Sony Bravia TV advert.

The high rise block at  24 Crossbank Road, Toryglen was demolished to 12,000 tonnes of rubble and was once home to Simple Minds star Jim Kerr. The multi-storey block became the focus of worldwide attention when it was covered in multi-coloured paint for the Sony Bravia TV advert.

The decision to clear and demolish the properties was approved by Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) on 11 June 2004, following extensive consultation with the local community.

Around 270 properties were evacuated for health and safety reasons and residents from the affected flats spent their morning in the Geoff Shaw Centre, which was used as an evacuation centre.

Demolition of the Crossbank Road tower block marks the latest step in the regeneration of the South Toryglen area.

A team of workmen and Safedem explosives experts have been working for 8 months preparing the buildings for the demolition. The 12,000 tonnes of rubble created by the demolition will be recycled, crushed and graded to be used elsewhere, for example, laid as the foundation for roads or buildings.

The demolition operation was overseen by a consortium of companies appointed by Glasgow Housing Association, including principal contractor John F. Hunt, explosives specialists Safedem Ltd and lead consultant and planning supervisor DPS international.

William Sinclair. Managing Director of Safedem stated:

“The key objective for this project was to ensure the demolition takes place as safely as possible. The success of projects like this depends on meticulous planning and team work. The co-operation within the project team, consisting of Glasgow Housing Association, Orchard Grove Housing Association, Strathclyde Police and the local community has been excellent.”