Stirlingfauld Place, Gorbals, Glasgow

Demolition Double in the Gorbals

Safedem has continued its reshaping of the Glasgow skyline with the implosion of Stirlingfauld Place in the Gorbals area of the city. Comprising two blocks, each 24-storeys in height and made up of four independent structures and containing 600 flats. Together, the blocks contained more than 50,000 tonnes of hardcore.

Work began with an intensive soft strip operation that removed over 1,500 tonnes of timber for recycling.   This was followed by pre-weakening and drilling operations in readiness for charging.

Having imploded literally dozens of similar structures in recent years, Safedem elected to blast on six floors with delay detonators directing the falling buildings away from stone railway arches located just 12 metres from the southern gables.   Nearby homes were evacuated from the exclusion zone in preparation for the blast.

Every explosive project has its unique restrictions and challenges.   However,

Stirlingfauld Place brought with it considerable additional pressure. The proximity to Glasgow’s city centre brought a lot of attention from local media. These landmark blocks had become notorious in the 90’s for their poor social conditions.  

Rather than getting caught up in the media hype, Safedem chose to concentrate on what they do best; bringing down tower blocks safely and with the minimum of fuss.   “It was very important that we approached the Stirlingfauld project like all other Safedem explosive projects, focussing on the professional and precise application of explosives including the installation of robust and effective protective measures,” he says proudly.   “Our attention to detail throughout the explosives process is second to none.   Every member of the Safedem team takes great pride and care in their role.

The explosive demolition was successfully carried out at 09:45 on Sunday 1st June with thousands of spectators cheering as the structures cascaded safely to the ground.   Inspections following demolition confirmed there had been absolutely no debris fly whatsoever with the debris piles matching their predicted footprints perfectly.